I really should stop torturing myself watching the Mets on the road, especially when it comes down to the rubber game.   Ron Darling called the Mets a "Second Division Club"   As a baseball fan, I have never seen such a bad road team.   Y'know I could come up with 50 ways to improve the Mets but the one thing I can't do is come up with a solution to how they can play better on the road.  How can Jerry take the hit for this?   Do you think benching Reyes after making two errors would help the ball club?   Hey, nice to see Castillo back to his old form as he was unable to handle a throw from Wright.   Does any pitcher believe in throwing inside to Chipper Jones?   Pelfrey actually looked like a pitcher, for about 3 innings.Like I said two days ago, every Met loss will slowly turn Citi Field into  a Ghost Town.   You know what's on sale?   Tumbleweeds.   I'm buying 300 tumbleweeds and just letting them go all over center field.  What's a Ghost Town without them?