Let's congratulate the Nationals in what will be their first major salary dump of their franchise.As much as I want to see the Nats build a winner, I have to disagree with the Werth move-especially when it involves 126 million dollars.  In my opinion, he's just a Yankee waiting to happen.  It was a nice pleasant surprise watching the Nationals the past year,  they have some really nice kids and seem to be heading in the right direction, that is until they pulled a move like they did this week.But what does this have to do with the Mets?Not much except for the fact that what the Nats did was tie their own hands for any free agent signings that they really might need in the future.  Can you see Werth playing out his contract with Washington?  I can't, but I can see him play for a team that really needs him, as long as their willing to pick up, say half, of what's owed him from the rest of that contract. Did I say Yankees?   But then again, with his age, Werth may not be healthy enough to finish it anyway.  But it comes down to this, if the Nats are going to start throwing money around(and they claim not to be finished yet), I don't want to hear them wine about how they are hamstrung.  The Nationals joined the big leagues this weekend with their big name, big contract acquisition of Jayson Werth.   I think they they picked the albertross, the money is too much, the player is too old, the contract is too long and the team might not be ready.Welcome to the club boys.