So the Marlins are kicking the tires of Jose Reyes, good for them.  More power to their owner and organization if they are going to invest in a star like Reyes.  And I'll say it first, if Jose Reyes leaves the Mets and signs with the Marlins or any other team, I won't blame him one bit nor will I won't boo or hiss him whatsoever when he makes his return to Citi Field.  I will admit though, that this is real tough to watch.  What really scares me is that I got this gut feeling that we are going to go through the same thing with David Wright.So be it.I can't blame Sandy Alderson for rebuilding the Mets.  Let's face it, that's what he was brought in here to do.  This team needs direction and a plan and for the first time, I see one.  No, I won't boo Reyes when he returns to Citi Field.I'm leaving that for the person who made him leave.Jose Reyes is doing what is best for Jose Reyes.  Can you blame him for going for the money and the years? Can you blame him for looking somewhere else?  Reyes wants the big payoff and it's obvious that the Mets aren't going to give it to him.   If Jayson Werth can leave the Phillies, who were winning no less, why do we expect Reyes to stay with a team that is currently rebuilding?  Werth went for the money and the years and that's exactly what Reyes is about to do except he may land on a contender.  That may be the only part that really hurts.  And it may be the Marlins that he lands on, that might hurt just a bit more.Instead of blaming Reyes, let's lay the blame on the one who is responsible for this mess that we will call the New York Mets.....Fred Wilpon."He thinks he's getting Carl Crawford money".I'm not saying that Jose Reyes is leaving the Mets just because Fred Wilpon made this stupid statement. I think that Fred revealed that he won't pay Reyes a Carl Crawford like contract.  Thus opening up the floodgates for other teams that are willing to pay.And pay they will.  And watch we will, when puts on that new hat and jersey at some press conference.Like a stated earlier, what scares me is that we are going to have to to through the same thing with David Wright.