This is everyone's favorite game, especially when the Mets are sucking, which they are. I can't remember the last time I wasn't feeling either frustrated or paranoid in relation to the Mets...must've been during the '07 season. So here's my take at the bare bones of "what I would do" if I had some control over the Mets. I'm just another fan though, so please share your own thoughts/criticize mine.1. <!----> 1. Designate Alex Cora for assignment. Cora’s OPS this year is .535 which is around .200 below league average. That’s almost pitcher bad (Johan Santana has a lifetime OPS of .447). Aside from his mediocre, but passable defense, Cora is said to be a leader in the clubhouse. Many (in the media, on the team) have questioned how the chemistry of the team might change without Cora. But how much worse could the team really get? The Mets haven’t made the playoffs in 3 straight seasons, and are more likely than not going to miss them again this year. If Cora plays in around 1/3 of the remaining games this season, his 2011 option kicks in and the Mets owe him $2MM next season. This should be unthinkable for the team, but they’ve held onto Cora so far, which is reason to be nervous.<!---->2. <!----> 2. Designate Luis Castillo for assignment (or trade him for beans) once the season ends. Castillo had a mediocre year in 2009 at the plate, but has been abysmal in both 2008 and 2010, along with sustaining frequent leg injuries. Castillo is due $6MM in 2011, the final year of his three-year deal. Felipe Lopez signed with the Cardinals last offseason for $1MM (plus up to $1.2MM in incentives) and predictably has had a much better season at the plate than Castillo, and has not been injured thus far in 2010. In this market there are bargains to be had and the Mets would be better off shedding Castillo’s dead weight and picking up a better and healthier player for potentially less than the money they could save on Alex Cora. (sign or trade for a second baseman in the offseason)<!---->3. <!----> 3. Designate Oliver Perez for assignment after giving him one final shot as a starter. How much longer do Mets fans have to sit through the charade that is Ollie? We get it Omar – you made a terrible signing that the vast majority of fans were against, and now you’re desperately trying to save face by giving Ollie opportunity after opportunity to succeed. But it’s not working and Perez needs to be off this team sooner rather than later. Yes, he’s due $12MM in 2011 (thanks again, Omar), but is it worth trying to save face for another year, just to sacrifice several wins and the mentally stability of an entire team’s fan base?<!---->4. <!----> 4. Make Josh Thole the official starting catcher of 2011. I wouldn’t mind seeing Barajas back in a back-up role, but 2011 should be the year when the youngins finally take over the team. Thole has struggled of late, but he’s only 23 and overall has put up very good numbers this season.<!---->5. <!----> 5. Trade Jeff Francoeur or do not tender his contract. Frenchy’s had a pretty terrible season, especially given his short-lived hot start. I’m not sure if he could get anything in a trade, but it’s worth trying. Otherwise, it’s a no-brainer not to go to arbitration with him, where he’ll likely get at least $6MM for the 2011 season. There are much cheaper outfielders who are much more consistent at the plate, and Angel Pagan.<!---->6. <!----> 6. What to do with Pedro: Have to offer Feliciano arbitration. If he accepts, either keep him or try to trade him and his $3+MM salary for a prospect. If he declines, the Mets get high draft picks. This is actually a good situation to be in – although I would’ve tried to trade him last week, but we’re past that.<!---->7. <!----> 7. The leftovers: Jason Bay, ugh. Can’t move him, have to play him, but he’s been pretty terrible this season (read: league average). I wish there was another option in left, but there really isn’t. We just have to hope he rebounds and has a better season. Carlos Beltran is in a similar position. I’d be all for shopping him around in the offseason, offering to pay a large chunk of his $20MM 2011 salary, but I’m not sure that would amount to anything. Of course, if he stays healthy he’s likely an asset to the team anyway. With LF and CF taken, it might make sense just to give the RF job to Angel, who would be cheap (maybe around $2MM) and likely productive. John Maine doesn’t get offered a contract…obviously.<!---->8. <!----> 8. The starting players:C: Thole1b: Davis2b: FASS: Reyes3b: WrightLF: BayCF: BeltranRF: PaganSP: Santana, Pelfrey, Niese, FA, Dickey (?)<!---->9. <!----> 9. Conclusion: The Mets have at least $15MM (really should be more like $25MM, if the Wilpons allow Omar to increase the salary to ’08-’09 levels) to spend on a 2B, 1-2 starting pitchers, and backups. That’s plenty of money to fill out the team, while getting rid of Ollie, Castillo, and Cora.P.S. Jerry and Omar along with most of the coaching staff should be fired as well.