Mike Francesa  stated on the WFAN yesterday that Jose Reyes would take a 6 year 120 million dollar contract to stay a New York Met.I think that's a wise and thoughtful figure and if I were the Mets, I'd jump all over it as quickly as possible, even though that sixth year is a little scary given that he will be 34 years old.But if the Mets sign Reyes, what kind of offer could they make David Wright who has his walk year next year?Here's an interesting question:  if healthy and the big word is IF, what kind of numbers can you expect from a healthy David Wright? (in his walk year no less)Do you think he's going to have a year like Reyes is having now?Maybe it's unfair to compare him to Jose to begin with, I mean, Reyes is stealing, running machine who leads the league in triples.So can we expect Wright to lead the league in, let's say, home runs?  I don't think so.How about doubles, or just plain average?  Walks?  Ok, I being a little tough on him I know.  But seriously, as much as it kills me to say it and until I see it,  David Wright is an above average player at this point.  I know that he's been hurt and right now his stats are off but was Wilpon right when he said that Wright is no superstar?  Now for the record, I love David Wright, I want him not only to sign with the Mets but I actually wrote how the Mets should make him Captain of the team.But given the Mets situation with money, rebuilding and now a possible resigning of Reyes, what does that mean for David Wright?My question is:  what kind of contract do you expect David Wright to earn in 2014?  If the Mets commit 120 to Reyes for the next 6, can Wright command the same?Something is telling me no-even though he is the "face" of the franchise.Here's my final question, do you think the Mets will have the money to keep both Reyes and Wright?