phillies-02If the Phillies are such a great team, how is it that in Mid June there are 4 teams still in the race for 1st place in the NL East?   Take a look at these 3 teams trailing the god like Phillies.   The Mets who have 40+ million on the DL and drop (pun painfully intended) games they should win.   The Braves that don't have a clue who they are and have NO consistent scoring ability.   The Marlins that are not even sure if they should be in the middle of a firesale.   Yet some how the defending WC can't put anyone but the Nationals away.   The Phillies went into the last 2 series with a chance to put some room in between them and the Mets and they only managed 1 game.   The Mets go 2-4 and have the wheels come off entirely and the Phillies gained 1 game.   It's been the same story all year.   Just when you think the Marlins and Braves have no hope, you look up and they are 6 games back.   6 games in June is nothing as the Rockies could tell you.   In fact against teams actually in the NL East race the Phillies are below .500.Granted the Mets problems may be too many to overtake the Phillies, however, what we do know is a healthy defending WC team should be able to jump out to a commanding lead considering the circumstances of the teams that are following them and they have not.   Consider the fact that with the Mets pen and injuries of 08 and the fact the Phillies had a sizable lead 7.5 games this time last year only to allow the Mets to come back and take the lead, chances are the Phillies will never run away with the division.   Now it's up to the Mets to get healthy, make a couple of moves and hang on and let the rest take care if itself.phanatic_god