Jose Reyes has every right to refuse to negotiate his contract-after what Fred said about him in the New Yorker and the way he's playing, he absolutely deserves to get paid. Personally, I like the fact that the Mets are going after Reyes, but if they get him, they can't stop there.Let me tell you why.This past Sunday I posted in my Sunday Question a situation where if the Mets were to pick up a player at the Trade Deadline, who would it be?  Surprisingly enough, a lot of the readers stated that the Mets wouldn't pick up anyone.Here's my first question:  How many players (with Reyes on the team) are the Mets short to become a contender?  Right now, with Beltran and K-Rod playing, you might say they are a pitcher and catcher short, maybe even a bull pen guy as well(shall I throw in a second baseman too?)Now let's skip to the end of the season.  Beltran has been traded as well as K-Rod.  To the joy of every Mets fan,  Reyes signs for  a cool 120 million for 5 years(I'm just throwing that number out there for the sake of this argument) Great, now everyone is happy right?Wrong.Fred can't stop there.  He still has to open up his wallet and allow Sandy to sign and  a closer as good or better than K-Rod: a right fielder and another  catcher: a real second basemen and the scariest one...another bonafide ace like or better that Santana.   Alderson, unlike Omar Minaya, cannot just spend his Met money on one player.(ala Jason Bay)Now maybe you can make the case that the Mets could get away with Murphy at second base for next year but are there any players in Buffalo that can fill these spots on the cheap?  You want Bobby Parnell as your closer?  Do you think F-Mart can stay healthy the whole year and play under the Pepsi Porch? Is Wilpon, who is already in legal and money trouble, going to open up his wallet and let Alderson spend what he needs to improve the  team in these and possibly other areas.If he does, great... Reyes will be at short for the next 5-6 years and hopefully the Met faithful will have something to cheer about before the next Rapture.