Reports earlier today that according to a team source Ike Davis who has been in a season long slump very similar to the one he had last season may only have as long as this weekend to show enough to the organization so not to be sent down to AAA seem to have now led to the Mets coming out and making statements to not just Ike Davis himself but the media as to where things stand regarding Ike and his possible demotion as of today.Reports earlier was that according to a team source Ike may be down to a day to day situation this weekend to keep himself from being demoted. After today's Mets 8-2 loss to the Cubs we now are reading reports that Mets GM Sand Alderson has talked to Ike Davis and has told him a demotion is not imminent.The Mets GM was quoted to say “Everything comes to a head at some point” when asked if Davis had a “significant amount of leeway or this is going to come to a head,”.Davis had this to say regarding the possible demotion,
“Me and Sandy talked about it today, and right now it’s not in the future. But in any job, if you don’t do it, you know what it is. But right now there’s no process of it. … It’s not like going to be a three-game tryout. Once again, I’ll probably have a month or whatever to figure it out. Then they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do. It’s not a day-to-day thing. As long as I start having good at-bats and start performing better, it won’t happen.”
The Mets are now at the 40 game mark 16-24 8 games below .500. Ike Davis so far this season in 39 games is hitting .156/BA, .238/OBP, .259/SLG, 4/HR, 9/RBI, 14/R. Last season Ike didn't start to turn it around until his final 100 games of the season. During his 1st 56 games in 2012 Davis was hitting .158/BA, .234/OBP, .273/SLG, 5/HR, 21/RBI, 15/R.Ike then went on a tear over his next 19 games hitting .333/BA and hitting more HR's (6) and RBI's (24) than in his 1st 56 games.Over his final 100 games Ike ended up hitting .265/BA, .347/OBP, .565/SLG, 27/HR, 69/RBI, 51/R.While there is no assurance Ike can repeat those numbers the Mets also don't have many alternatives that could do that as well down at AAA so sticking with Ike to see if he can work his way through this once again seems like the way they are going to go. That said unlike last season this season with the team 8 games below .500 Davis may indeed find himself down at AAA to allow for a more productive bat in his place until he can "figure things out" and considering he is batting a lowly .158/BA finding a more productive bat may not be so difficult to do.