GUYS THE METS ARE 3-0 AND ARE GOING TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES AND EVERYTHING HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.Just kidding.I'm here to go on a different sort of rant, a rant in defense of Mike Pelfrey.We all thought after 2008 that we had a budding young star in Pelfrey, who was going to lead our starting rotation for years to come as we built around him, David Wright and Jose Reyes. Then came the horrible, balk-ful 2009 season, in which Pelf may have gotten a little bit unlucky. He rebounded in 2010, and fell back likewise in 2011.There is a general hatred towards Mike Pelfrey among Mets fans, I see it on this website, I heard it in person when he was booed on Opening Day by his own fans. Now I ask you , why do you boo Mike Pelfrey?Not every first round pick becomes a star, or even makes a big league roster, so why is it that Mets fans have this perception that Pelf must either be an ace or he must be traded or even released? It is not fair to him.Pelfrey is what he is at this point, a solid innings eater. He has given us roughly 200 innings each of the last four seasons, along with  FIPs (Fielding Independent Pitching) of 3.96, 4.39, 3.82, and 4.47. Over this stretch the league averages have been 4.32, 4.32, 4.08, and 3.94, meaning that Mike Pelfrey has been around league average for 3/4 seasons, while providing 200 innings of that.Here is a little comparison for you, three very similar pitchers no?Pitcher A 2008-2011  806.1 IP 4.06 ERA 4.13 FIP 6.67 K/9 3.2 BB/9Pitcher B 2008-2011 782.2 IP 4.27 ERA 4.15 FIP 5 K/9 3.02 BB/9Pitcher C 2008-2011 847.2 IP 3.88 ERA 4.07 FIP 4.81 K/9 2.03 BB/9Pitcher C is Mark Buerhle, who just signed a 4 year/58 million dollar contract with the Miami Marlins, Pitcher A is Edwin Jackson, being paid 11 million dollars on a one year deal with the Washington Nationals.Pitcher B? That's just Mike Pelfrey, being paid 5.69 million dollars for this season, or about half of the similarly effective Edwin Jackson.Okay guys, the defense has rested. The Big Pelf is A-OK in my book.