The off-the-track editionAnd now our almost daily look back at things we almost wrote a post about:
  • I was quite pleased to note that the former Met for whom I took my screen name was promoted to hitting coach of Norfolk until I remembered that the Mets no longer house their AAA team in Norfolk.   My apologies to Buffalo for temporarily forgetting you, and my congratulations to Richie Hebner on the promotion.
  • Though originally published Friday, 3 days to think about it haven't allowed me to understand the "logic" any better.   Maybe you can help.   Alden Gonzalez of says regarding the remaining free agent starting pitchers in a paragraph with the bold title The Steady Hands that "Joel Pineiro pretty much leads a free-agent-starters class composed of relative innings-eaters at the top." Then in the very next paragraph Gonzalez says of Pineiro "The 31-year-old right-hander had an uncharacteristic type of standout year for the Cardinals in 2009..." So my question is this:   is Pineiro the "leader of the 'Steady Hands?'" or is he a guy coming off an "uncharacteristic standout year?"
  • Toby Hyde of Mets Minor League Blog takes a look at comparing the offensive environments of the different leagues in which the Mets system fields teams.   Prepare to have your assumptions about BABIP blown to smithereens.
  • While it was not in any way, shape or form his point, Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times nonetheless informs those Met fans in his audience that are capable of reading between the lines, and who may have been as sad as a crying child that former Met (among other teams) Roberto Alomar did not make the Hall of Fame this year, that Alomar will almost certainly make it next year and even if he doesn't, such other former Mets as John Franco, Mike Piazza, Julio Franco, Tom Glavine and Jeff Kent all become eligible for election over the next half-decade.   So take heart Met fans, we may be able to watch former Mets making gracious Hall of Fame induction speeches while wearing the caps of other teams very often over the next few years.