But can he hit?Today's installment of loosely Mets related news:
  • Yesterday we learned what we already knew about Mark McGwire.   Today we learned what we already knew about the Florida Marlins:   they're cheap.   They've been publicly called out by Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association for not putting their piece of the revenue sharing pie back into their product.   As Billy Wagner might say, f'in shocker.
  • Old friend Ramon "Darth Catcher" Castro has re-signed with the Chicago White Sox, giving him another opportunity to catch a perfect game.   Yesterday just as In Other News... was going to press, another old friend found work as well when Ryan Church agreed to terms with the Pittsburgh Pirates.   I couldn't help but wonder if Church's Met career might've worked out differently if only he'd had Ramon Castro's head.
  • The Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers are the two teams named most recently in pursuit of Joel Pineiro.   Some snappy commenters at Sons of Steve Garvey don't seem to like the Mets much, but then again why would I expect the illegitimate offspring of the man formerly known as Mr. Clean to like the Mets?