Dr. King ponders the the racial composition of a baseball team's roster vis-à-vis it's general managerNow for MLK day's tiny Mets news:
  • John Delcos of New York Mets Report believes the Mets will face (at least) 10 questions when they start spring training next month.
  • On MLK day we pause to remember not only Martin Luther King, Jr., but that the New York Mets have the first and only Hispanic general manager in Major League Baseball history in Omar Minaya, and that from November 2004 through June 2008 had the first African-American field manager in New York City Major League Baseball history in Willie Randolph, then replaced him with the second (and they are still the only two) in Jerry Manuel.   This franchise may not have more world championship rings than a person has appendages but it does have few things it can be proud of.