Apparently Omar didn't offer this to BengieAnd now this evening's installment of tiny Mets news:
  • Over at you can catch video of baseball rumor-God Peter Gammons speaking about how disagreement between the player/agent and the ballclub over health diagnoses led to the Red Sox parting ways with Jason Bay.   So take heart Carlos Beltran, you're not the only player in the history of MLB to have endured such a disagreement.   And take heart Mets fans, two of the most recent players to have had such disagreements with ballclubs are now on your team!
  • Supporters of the idea of the Mets signing Eric Byrnes might reconsider their position after reading this.   I know I have, and I was literally endorsing signing the guy less than 30 minutes ago.   Take that everyone who thinks I never change my mind.   The article also lends some general insight into how infield fly percentage impacts BABIP.