Gary Matthews Jr. takes his physicalHere's some Mets news that we didn't write a post about today:
  • According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Omar Minaya doesn't think the Mets are comedy material.   I guess I need to start looking for another job. "I don't think we are a joke but I do believe when you lose and you have a situation where _ let's be honest _ we didn't have a good year. In New York, for people to pay more attention, you have to win," he said. Good to know the person at least theoretically in charge of assembling the team considers it serious business.   Minaya also noted that last year was 365 days long, not 1,095 days or 1,460 days, and that it's over.   "It wasn't like last year was something that happened three or four years," Minaya said. "We all feel disappointed by how the year turned out last year, but the good thing about it is it's a new year." Phew!
  • That same story indicated that Oliver Perez may be suffering from a nervous system disorder and therefore be delirious.   "Right now I don't feel anything," Perez said..."I think that's why I'm really happy." OK to be fair to Perez, in the interest of making a joke I deleted the words "of his knee" and replaced them with an ellipsis.   He hasn't actually lost the ability to feel and his knee is recovering fine from last season's surgery.   Perhaps most important to Mets fans Johan Santana says "I'm feeling good. Time will tell, but I am feeling good," the two-time Cy Young winner said Monday. "We did a pretty good job with the offseason, working out and doing all the rehab, and I'm feeling good. Everything is on schedule." Given his use of the phrase "time will tell" I'd say he's fully adjusted to being a New York Met.