Two broadcasters will be there, one adulterer will notHere are some Mets related stories we didn't make a post about today:
  • Jorge Arangure tweets that the Mets and Carlos Delgado have a mutual interest.   As soon as the Mets divorce Daniel Murphy and Delgado divorces his hip injury, look for the two to resume their tempestuous love affair.
  • Yesterday Frankie Piliere of AOL Fanhouse unveiled his Top 100 MLB prospects list.   Today he released his Farm System Rankings, and the Mets landed at 24th out of 30.   Of the Mets Piliere said:   "The Mets have some very bright spots, like Jenrry Mejia, who could be one of their best pitching prospects in years, but the depth is lacking. Brad Holt is another hurler to keep an eye on, and Ike Davis is looking more and more like their first baseman of the future. It will take some time, however, to build up the depth." What I found most striking about his system rankings was that the Arizona Diamondbacks who had just 2 of his Top 100 prospects finished 22nd in the system rankings, 2 spots ahead of the Mets who he deemed to have 3 of the Top 100 prospects.   I guess I'll just have to wait until he unveils his ranking of the 101-500 best prospects to understand.
  • ESPN unveiled it's first-half (Opening Night through July 18) Sunday Night Baseball TV schedule, and the Mets appear 4 times, including 3 Sunday's in a row.   Given that by rule any one team can only appear on Sunday Night Baseball 5 teams, it seems that ESPN wanted to get the Mets out of the way early.   Order your pizzas now for 4/18 @ St. Louis, 4/25 vs. Atlanta, 5/2 @ Philadelphia and 5/23 vs. the Yankees.   At least these will all be on ESPN proper and not that stinky old ESPN2.