Wimpy For GM:  at least we know what he wants, and when he's willing to pay for itHere are a few Mets related items we didn't write a post about today:
  • Thomas Zambito of The Daily News reports that security guard Gerald Tacopino plead guilty to stealing the very items he was supposed to be guarding during the demolition of Shea Stadium.   Tacopino's lawyer Michael McClellan told the newspaper "his client mistakenly believed the Mets had no use for the memorabilia.'It was in a pile of junk,' McClellan said. 'He thought wrong.'" Mr. Tacopino is apparently doing a much better job in his new role of making sure no new starting pitchers get into Citi Field.
  • ESPN radio 1050 in New York reports that unnamed sources tell them the Mets "are contemplating making a run at Jarrod Washburn." I look forward to the next "we were planning on calling him tomorrow" story after he signs elsewhere.
  • The New York Post has learned why Ben Sheets signed with the Oakland A's:   "This is where God wanted me to be, and this is where I wanted to be, and I'm glad they've welcomed me with open arms." So Ben you're saying God didn't want you to be in Texas last year and that's why He allowed your debilitating injury to manifest itself during your physical with their doctors after you'd already signed a contract with the Rangers?   His mysterious plan for your ultimate arrival in Oakland in 2010 was why He didn't allow you to break the 8th and 9th Commandments by signing with the Rangers in 2009?   You'd better hope some camels start going through the eyes of some needles pretty soon rich man.
  • It is at least debatable what level of interest the Mets have in making the major league team better.   According to Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News, it is more apparent that the Mets want to make the AAA Buffalo Bisons better.   Hopefully SNY will have a few of their games on again this year.