Like sand through the hourglass, so goes Peter Gammons' credibilityOur latest installment in Mets news that didn't quite get a post of it's own:
  • Aaron Gleeman of reports the latest salvo in the war of words between Peter Gammons and Jason Bay regarding the condition of Jason Bay's knees, this one from Gammons.   Gammons, who is employed by NESN, which is the Red Sox equivalent of the Mets SNY television network, appeared on Boston's WEEI radio to say:   They (the Red Sox) wanted him, but they were scared to death of his knees. I never got the impression from either side, from his agents or his club, that the shoulder was that big of a deal. But they were really afraid of both knees and that's why they dropped the offer from four years to two years.     Somebody said to me, "Gee, there was only one team that went after him, the Mets." I said, "Yeah, you don't think that the Angels have requested MRIs? You don't think the Mariners have requested? They weren't in on him either." The Mets were the only team in on Jason. This ongoing battle which seems to serve no other purpose (to me) than for Gammons to defend his beloved Red Sox and his own reporting on their free agent preferences leads me to believe that someday we'll all be subjected to a war of words between Gammons and ESPN about why he's no longer there, with ESPN revealing their concerns about Gammons' brain functions and his refusal to have mandatory preventative brain surgery in order to extend his contract with them.
  • That was mean, and perhaps I owe Gammons an apology.   Strokes are not laughing matters.   I'm sorry Mr. Gammons.   But more to the point, one can do a little internet research and find lots of stories about the Red Sox under their current ownership and management and that group's concerted effort to use the media to sully and drag through the mud the reputation and credibility of every star player they've ever traded or let go to free agency, from Nomar Garciaparra to Pedro Martinez to Manny Ramirez.   Click on those links they'll lead you to some stories on that subject.   This "Jason Bay's knees" saga strikes me as simply the latest chapter in that sad story.   Perhaps it's the insecurity born from a century of playing the American League's second fiddle to the New York Yankees.   They should get over it and simply stand behind their otherwise sound reasons for going in another direction with these players and their money.   No need for a smear campaign.
  • According to Mike Puma of the New York Post, Fernando Tatis has signed a contract with the Mets for 2010, final agreement to which is contingent on his passing a physical.