Smithtown's Frank CatalanottoToday's Mets related news we didn't quite get around to making a post about:
  • SI's Jon Heyman used his dandy opposable thumbs to tweet that the Mets are one of three clubs interested in utilityman Frank Catalanotto who hails from Smithtown.   Lets all have a lunch of bread and cheese to celebrate (that's for you, Smithtown).   Anything that gets Smithtown progeny Melissa Joan Hart, Lori Loughlin or Soledad O'Brien to Citi Field is alright by me.
Smithtown's Lori Loughlin
  • Heyman's busy thumbs also tweeted regarding John Smoltz that the Mets "have fallen behind in Smoltz derby," which sounds like a version of a demolition derby that they probably would be best served falling behind in anyway.   Or is it a hat?
Smithtown's Soledad O'Brien
  • Stephen Brown of The Brooklyn Paper reports that the home park of the Mets minor league affiliate Brooklyn Cyclones will soon have a new name as the naming rights deal for the former Keyspan Park has come to an end.   No official announcement of the new corporate sponsor has been made so if you've got some extra cash sitting around now's your chance to get your name on a minor league ballpark.   I didn't really think this story was important I just needed some text to put this bewitching picture of Melissa Joan Hart below.   You're welcome.
Smithtown's Melissa Joan Hart