You might be surprised at how much this guy actually looks like meAnd now the latest installment in our neat evening news summary of things related to the New York Mets that we didn't get around to writing a post about today:
  • Some former Mets have been removed from Hall of Fame consideration for receiving less than 5% of the vote, but hope is still alive for Roberto Alomar who received 73.7%.   It will be up to the Veteran's Committee to see that justice is served for Robin Ventura, Kevin Appier, David Segui and Todd Zeile.   Speaking of Zeile, click through and enjoy this trailer for the movie he produced, Dirty Deeds.
Todd Zeile, right, as "Mullet" in "Dirty Deeds"
  • For the college students in our vast audience, be reminded that you only have until March 19th to get in your applications for Buffalo Bisons internships.   Positions in accounting, video production and many other fields (after last season's poor showing by the club, perhaps even left, center and right fields) are available at no pay for you.
  • Fans of future free agent starting pitcher Brandon Webb can have fun with geography and try to figure out whether he might be willing to sign with the Mets based on this statement in Jerry Crasnick's recent article:   "We've had a great time in Arizona, and if everything works out and we stay here, that would be good. But to get back close to home would be just as good. I'm definitely keeping it open. I'm not going to hold myself down to just Arizona."
  • This ESPN article suggests that despite having traded Casey "Hands Off My" Kotchman to the Seattle Mariners, the Boston Red Sox are still looking to move Mike Lowell, so don't help Luis Castillo unpack his bags just yet.
  • Matt Cerrone of Mets Blog is reporting that the Mets are interested in John Smoltz.   I have linked to's report of that report, because in giving him credit for breaking the news has misspelled his name as "Cerone."   Oh, irony's a bitch sometimes.
  • According to the Baltimore Sun, Johan Santana wants free agent Melvin Mora to play for the Mets and speaks with him regularly.   Tip of the TRDMB cap to Ed Ryan of the fine blog Mets Fever for calling this to our attention.