Not a lot going on in Metsville todayTo avoid doing chores, here's some of what I read today that's Mets related:
  • Daily News scribe Anthony McCarron cites "a baseball official familiar with their thinking" who believes the Mets are interested in John Smoltz.   From what I can gather, since I have only seen this reported one other place, Matthew Cerrone of Metsblog now qualifies as "a baseball official familiar with their thinking."   Or perhaps not.   The article in which Cerrone originally broke the Mets interest in Smoltz news has mysteriously disappeared from Metsblog.   See for yourself.   If you don't believe me, try accessing it from MLBTR or NBCSports who both referenced it previously as well.   Let the conspiracy theories begin!
  • The always entertaining and sometimes informative Ted Berg of Tedquarters shares his feelings on Smoltz.
  • Lots of Mets blogs chimed in on the recent reports of Endy Chavez looking for a minor league deal and spring training invite.   Check out the takes of Ed Ryan at Mets Fever and Joe D. at Mets Merized Online for example.
  • Patrick Flood of Exile on 126th St. has one day left in "David Wright Week."   Today's installment was a closer look at all 10 of David's 2009 home runs.