In what seems like my weekly edition of "In the Year 2000", we take  a look back at the 2000 Mets after 55 games and compare them to this year's team.The 2000 Mets have a  1 game lead on this year's team.   We, TheyPiazza's Mets were 31-24, seven games above .500.   The current Mets are 30-25 or five games above .500.   The 2000 Mets were 5.5 games behind the Braves in the division and .5 games ahead of the Dodgers, Reds, Rockies and Expos  in the  wild card.   This year's Mets are 3 games behind the Phillies in the division and tied in the wild card with St. Louis.  Lets take a look at the 2000 Mets lineup for game 55:New York Mets BA OPS M Mora SS .261 .733D Bell RF .304 .842E Alfonzo 2B .352 1.057M Piazza C .363 1.149R Ventura 3B .243 .841T Zeile 1B .299 .938J Payton CF .220 .640M Franco LF .196 .568 J McEwing LF .231 .747A Leiter P .042 .157 L Harris PH .186 .462I am not going to bore you with our lineup today, you have seen it enough.   However, I am going to compare the players to what we have today as I believe they are very similar.  At this point our team is lead offensively by Wright (.345) Beltran (.342).   The 2000 Mets were lead by Piazza (.363) and Alfonzo (.352).   Advantage 2000.   Piazza and Alfonzo were studs that year, especially early.2000  had issues in LF, CF, SS, and 3B was struggling.  The current Mets have issues at 1B, LF, RF, SS.   Advantage...... 2009.   The 2000 team really had no reinforcements coming unless you count Mike Bordick.   The 2009 version stands to get back Reyes and Delgado among others.The 2000 starting staff consisted of Hampton, Leiter, Rush, Reed, and Jones.   The main bullpen pieces were Benitez, Franco, Wendell, Cook, Mahomes.   The 2009 Mets have Johan, Pelfrey, Maine, Livan and Redding.   The main bullpen pieces are Krod, Parnell, Green, Feliciano and Stokes.   Tough one here.   The 2000 staff is known for their consistency.   Every starter won over 10 games yet no one won more than 16.   Their pen had a dominant closer (hard to say that about Benitez) and a former closer in Franco.   This year's pen had a similar look with Krod and Putz.   Advantage 2000 Mets for SP and 2009 Mets for BP.   Advantage Even.Right now through 55 games I give the overall advantage to the 2000 team.   However, if Omar can make a move or we do indeed get Reyes, Delgado, Putz, and Perez back the 2009 team should run away with it.   Lets go 2009!wrightpiazza