On a cold windy night in Chicago the Mets tried to get Fred indefensible comments behind them.  However, just like Fred's remarks the Mets  in the 2nd proved to be lacking defense as well.  A misplays by Tejada (fly ball) and Paulino (dropped ball at home) allowed the Cubs to put up a Lincoln on the Mets that they would be unable to recover from.With players stranded everywhere the first four innings the Mets were finally able to score their first run after a double from Tejada, sacrifice from sacrificial lamb Niese, and an RBI from an IF single by Reyes.  Of course Reyes was also stranded.The Cubs would add a run in the 6th on a well hit ball that took a "funny" hop in RF past Beltran for an RBI triple, making the score 6-1.  Also in that inning Murphy was caught on camera performing a snot rocket which basically caused Keith to lose it for the rest of the inning.  Best thing of all was that in the background you could hear sniffing the rest of the inning. Could not help but laugh myself.  Might as well.  Speaking of laughing,  after a strikem out throwem into RF by Paulino (had a terrible night behind the plate) the Cubs scored their 7th run. (5 unearned, told you the word for tonight was indefensible).In the 7th inning the indefensible struck again.  Starting with Buchholtz hitting Ramirez, then Misch giving up a double to Soriano followed by a walk to the 7th and 8th place hitters, the final one bringing home a run.  Just when you thought that was embarrassing enough you get PH Carlos Zambrano who can't figure out which helmet to put on and has no gloves.  Carlos battled himself into a 2 run single.  This was followed by another RBI single this time from Reed Johnson and an error from Fmart (who had replaced Bay earlier in the game).  Even the throw back in looked like a damn little league team who knew they would get no ice cream after the game.The Mets offered little resistance to the ultimate no-doubter this one became early on.  Of course tomorrow, we will have to read countless articles that have already determined that the Mets played like crap because of Fred's indefensible comments.  Of course it is too early to tell what long-term effect these comments will have if any, but it's hard to think that the media buzz around this team did not set the stage for a disastrous night.  Regardless, tomorrow will not bring an end to the mess Fred caused.  Tomorrow the players will again have to answer for Fred's comments while he remains silent to the media.  Tomorrow the Mets will be asked over and over if his comments and the negative attention they brought had an effect on their play while Fred looks for the next way to make himself look like an "everyday Joe fan".  Tomorrow the Mets will try and "turn the page", as Keith said, for the 1,000th time since 2006.  I too have realized it is time for the Mets to ultimately turn the page from this saga as well.