In a conference call with reporters, Omar Minaya gave updates on various Mets injuries, none are great.Reyes is considered the closest to coming back and hit off Maine in PSL today, but has not run the bases.   Omar says - End of the monthJohn Maine obviously has pitched as shown above and should pitch in rehab in a week to 10 days, with no pain.   Omar says - End of the monthCarlos Delgado has had lots of good news, batting practice, infield practice etc.   Omar says - Not before August, likely mid-augustCarlos Beltran is in a knee brace still and the knee bruise has NOT shrunk enough for him to have any activity.   Omar says - who knows, not in the near futureFernando Martinez had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee.   Omar says - 6-8 weeks, see ya in September buddy.That is all.