recieve special befIf you have 20 million just burning a hole in you large pocket, why not throw a little at your favorite team.  Not only can they use the money, but they will also throw you a couple of small benefits.So I thought of a couple and I would like any of you that are reading to add some of your own.For a 20 million dollar investment, you'll get....10.  A great parking spot9.  A picture next to Jose Reyes locker8.  When the day come for the kids to run around the bases, you get to go first!7.  You get to sit in a luxury box for every game vs. the Nationals, Astros and Cubs.6.  All Snack Shack food at 50% off.5.  Mo Vaughn's cell phone number.  (That's for you Rusty!)4.  You get to share the bathroom with Mr. Met.3.  You get to rid in the golf cart with Jeff Wilpon.2.  You get a 100 dollars of Met money every time you go to a game .1.  You get to be in a commercial with Kieth Hernandez.So what do you think, what kind of perks do you think you'll get for investing 20 million?