I want Carlos Beltran on the Mets.  I think that he's going to have a bounce back year both at the plate and in the outfield.  I believe that he will be healthy enough to give the Mets one more good year.  Carlos Beltran is currently due 18 million dollars on this being the last year of his contract.Watching T.V. this past weekend, Carlos Beltran, speaking at his own benefit at the Dominican Republic, stated that he would do anything that would help out the Mets this year-even if it meant  playing Right or Left Field.My question is: Is Beltran sincere with his statement?Will Beltran really switch positions? Will he really do what is in the Mets best interest?Is Carlos Beltran ready to put his money where his mouth is? We already heard that he would waive his No-Trade Clause.  But in the long run, that might benefit him more than the Mets.  But let's look at reality;  how valuable is Beltran at this very moment?  If the Mets decide to trade him in the off-season, they might have to eat say 15 to 16 million of his contract.  If they decide to hold on to him, he could get more value at the trade deadline-especially if he gets hot and a playoff contention team needs a slugger or a center fielder.Like I stated earlier, I want Beltran on the Mets, my only issue is, does Beltran mean what he says.  I remember another such center fielder who said he would welcome  another, better  center fielder and would move positions if he had to.  Mr. Mike Cameron was never happy playing Right Field. I think he honestly didn't think the Mets would have picked up Beltran but they did and we know the end results.   Betran and Cameron landing on the DL diving for a fly ball they both thought they could catch.  This was a direct result of putting two center fielders in the outfield. It comes down to this, if Beltran claims to want to put the Mets first, let him prove it.  Right now, I think Angel Pagan is a better Center fielder than Beltran.  When I see Pagan in Center and Beltran playing Right, I'll believe every word he says.But until then, it's like Mike Cameron part 2.Thoughts?