One thing we know about Alderson is that he keeps most things close to his vest.  When he says that he isn't interested in a player, you are left wondering is he really interested, is he telling the truth, is he just hedging.  We know the Drew saga and it appears the Mets are in on Rodney as well (which puzzles me unless he is coming much cheaper than suggested).  

So my question today before I start breaking down basketball film again is should the Mets now take advantage of what seems to be a buyers market?

With names like Arroyo, Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez still on the market along with Cruz and Morales from the hitters side with the previous mentioned Drew, they all appear to be lowering their asking prices as we speak. 

Lets forget cash for just a moment (hard to do as a Met fan for sure) as I think at this point these guys are getting market rate or below.  Sometimes the best way to build up a farm system as well as fill your team with a  young core is to go overboard in one area and create a surplus. 

Think about a rotation of Colon, Jimenez, Wheeler, Niese and Gee with Mejia, Montero and Thor knocking at the door and Harvey coming back next year.  That's depth.  That's where you get your future difference makers, being able to trade one of those guys.  Those are the type of signings that in my opinion you need in order to make a serious run at a guy like Stanton.  And realistically what does it cost you?  3/36-45M.  Now in Met terms that's a lot of money but if you are saying now that the previous financial issues are behind you and you still have a payroll that looks to be even less than the year before even with the new TV money, why not invest it in something most likely to give you a good return in either trade or performance?

You see where this is going, if the Mets were to bump up their payroll to just 100M this offseason there are below market deals out there waiting to happen that push not only this years team more towards contention but give you the depth you need to make a serious run in 2015 and beyond.