reyeslockerYeah, admit it I got you.   You thought this was going to be another classic is it time to trade Reyes bit.   It's not.   However, it is something just as debated.   At the beginning of the year Manuel mentioned moving Reyes down in the order, of course moving a healthy Reyes at the beginning of the year was just something fun to debate about on the ole Metsblog.   There was no chance of moving Reyes to a lower spot once the season started.   However, much has changed.   Now Reyes still sits on the shelf and most of us have no clue why or what the long term ramifications are.   What we do know is based on published reports that Reyes has scar tissue and it appears has fears in his mind that will not allow him to push himself.   This idea has according to other reports has not sit well with the Mets organization or some of it's players.   We all know that a healthy confident Reyes is murder on the base paths, however what we often forget is that he  has potential to be a  very good hitter as well.     What I am proposing is a trial year that would allow Reyes the flexibility to steal based but not be something that is expected of him.   Thus easing his fears of pushing his legs too early and allowing him to return to his confident ways on his own time.  Another factor in this discussion is two names that will be available that can play LF, lead-off and fit the Citifield mold.   Those two players are Carl Crawford and Chone Figgins.   It is not outlandish to think the Mets could sign or trade for one of these two players to add to the core of the team.With this I have two options, bat Reyes 3rd or 5th:A) Crawford/Figgins, Castillo, Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Frenchy, 1B, Santos/CB) Crawford/Figgins, Castillo, Beltran, Wright, Reyes, Frenchy, 1B, Santos/CNow obviously if we also upgrade 1B or C with better bats those guys could move up in the order.What is the case for each?:A) Batting Reyes 3rd allows for the Mets to focus on speed placing 3 table setters high in the order as well as having a catcher's nightmare of 1-5 being excellent base stealers.   Batting Reyes 3rd would also relieve any pressure of being forced to steal however Reyes presence on the bases would still force the pitcher to concentrate on Reyes and Beltran.   Also it would allow Reyes to develop into a hitter instead of a get on guy, which I think he has potential to do.   You can also factor in Reyes' extra base hitting with two high OBP good base running guys in front of him.B) In the National League the 5th spot leads off more than any other hitter besides the lead-off guy.   So in essence he is the 2nd lead-off hitter.   This would allow Reyes to still have the opportunity to steal bases but would also allow him the opportunity to drive in runs, which is something he has excelled at even in the lead-off position.   As with batting Reyes 3rd, Reyes' extra-base potential would also come into play here as would his development into a true hitter.I know what you are thinking.   When healthy Reyes is the best or one of the best lead off hitters in the game, why move him?   However, Reyes is not healthy.   Also, many think that Reyes has the potential to develop into a great all around hitter.   What better year would there be to try this?