Pondering thoughts last night during the normal BP melt down I started to think a little outside of the box.  Perhaps little sleep and a few beer along the way can do that to you.  While listening to Sandy and his normal professional honesty, his thoughts on Murphy really struck me.  Alderson explained that not only was Murphy a force in the lineup but one in the clubhouse as well.  A "take no prisoners" if you will kind of player that risking bodily harm if needed will get the job done.  It will never be pretty for Murphy on defense.  While he did seem to get more comfortable at 2B before being switched to 1B again and then did the same at 1B before getting injured, gold gloves never seem to be in his future.Obviously when looking at the Mets lineup for the future there are a lot of square pegs and many round holes.  As reports come out today of diminished range for Wright, perhaps unfair as he is still recovering from a broken back, and with a higher error rate than his minor league years, I ask this question.Could the Murphy problem, Wright problem and 2B problem all be solved by moving Wright across the infield to play 2B and allowing Murphy to play his natural position at 3B?Of course you will have questions.One, will Wright make the move willingly?  Not sure.  He has always been viewed as a team first kind of guy so it would be a strike against years of credibility to refues.Two, can Wright make the transition to 2B?  (Can he make the turn at 2B and not get killed a la Murphy?) This one I wish I had a crystal ball and plugging him in at 2B on MLB 2k12 will not give us adequate results.  What we do know is Wright, even if his speed is diminished, is far more of an athlete than Murphy.Three, can Murphy be an everyday MLB 3B?  Hell if I know.  However, as Sandy mentioned in the interview yesterday, he has to be in the lineup and more than just a utility guy.  If you are one of the ones that believes he can't play 2B then this is the move for you.Four, yes I really did bring this up because what else do we really have to discuss at this moment?