While listening to MLBN this morning discuss all the teams that were hot and who was struggling I decided to take a look early in the season at teams payrolls compared to wins.  Just as part of a non-scientific exercise I looked at the teams grouped in the following ways.Top 5 payrolls, Bottom 5 payrolls, Everyone else, 2nd 5, 3rd 5, 4th 5, 5th 5.Top 5 : Dodgers, Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox and Angels. 35-36 .4922nd 5: Tigers, Giants, Rangers, White Sox, Cards 42-30 .5833rd 5: Jays, Nats, Cubs, Reds, Mets 34-37 .4784th 5: O's, Braves, Dbacks, M's, Twins 39-32 .5495th 5: Brewers, Royals, Rockies, Indians, Pirates 35-33 .514Bottom 5: Padres, Rays, A's, Marlins, Astros 29-46 .382Everyone other than top 5 and bottom 5: 136-116 .540What does this say, in my opinion?One, It's early so sample sizes will adjust.  The Braves won't win 150 games and the Marlins won't win just 32 games (I don't think).Two, teams that spend the most have done it mostly through FA and or trade.  These teams most likely consist of the oldest rosters as well and sometimes those type players take longer to get going in the spring.Three, that second group of teams seem to have built from within and then added pieces to the puzzle instead of committing all one way or the other.  They seem much more balanced.Four, you have to spend some money to be successful in baseball.  There are always success stories here and there but for the most part teams that don't spend at all, stink.Five, the answer to the Mets issues isn't just throw money at 30+ year old players and go back to what they did before with quick fixes.Six, Mike Scioscia may be looking for a job soon.Seven, The Marlins and Astros may have a competition to break the Mets record of futility.Eight, I hope the Mets look at the Giants and Cards model for success.Nine, How the hell does Oakland continue to win?Ten, Will the Mets ever play again?Disclaimer, please notice how many times I said it's early.  It would be a good activity, time permitting, to look back at this based on last year's salaries/wins and compare.