UPDATED: One of our authors GravediggerHebner that has always had a great perspective when it comes to all things Mets made a great point when he said "this doesn’t take into account that whenever the Mets DO sign or trade for a player, the reaction is "Why did they get that guy? That guy is no good now/never was good/is injured/is old." So in the interest of fair play here is a card for all those that feel no player is the right player when it comes to the Mets.its-a-wonderful-life-to-be-a-Mets-fan-ver2I see that it is becoming trendy whenever a player signs with a team someone somewhere says jokingly "there goes another player the Mets failed to sign".The latest is on WFAN when today's host joking at the Mets expense said the above phrase in reference to Mevin Mora signing with another team. It is becoming a knee-jerk reaction for some that you find yourself waiting for it after every signing. It reminds me of another famous saying from "It's a wonderful life" when the final line Jimmy Stewart's daughter says "Look daddy, mommy says every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings" or something close to that.So to spare all those keystrokes I have designed a "Official TRDMB Another player that got away card". Just link or download this card and print it every time you get the urge to poke fun at the Mets with this Lemming line. So at least our site will be promoted with this dumb phrase.its-a-wonderful-life-to-be-a-Mets-Fan