It's Monday October 5th 2009. and the the rotting corpse that is   the 2009 New York Mets season is barely cold when     A missive from Fred & Jeff Wilpon is read aloud by Pope Michael Francesspool from his ivory tower at the WFAN studios. The all knowing   Pope of   New York sports reads in his clipped intonations that the Mets are indeed retaining the services of General Manager Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel. He also confirms that the Mets will be slashing payroll   in the vicinity of 95 million dollars and that if the lowly Mets fans don't like it they can go eat cake ! Meanwhile in  The Real Dirty  Mets Blog  underground office, the writing staff is trying to digest the bad news .Gravedigger Hebner: Whats wrong ? Looks like I missed something?Kingman:Yeah, You did. the Mets lost over Ninety games this season , now the Wilpon's said that Jerry & Omar will Be   back and there will be a big reduction in payroll !!!Rusty Jr: HEY! WHATS ALL THIS LYING AROUND S#IT?!TRS86: What are we supposed to do you moron!?!Casestreet: Wars over man ! Fred & Jeff   Wilpon dropped the big one!Rusty jr : WHAT !?! OVER?! DID YOU SAY OVER ?!? NOTHING IS OVER UNTIL WE SAY IT IS!!!!WAS IT OVER WHEN MEL GIBSON HIT THAT HOMER AGAINST RON DARLING IN THE '88 NLCS?!?Dirty Sanchez :   Mel Gibson?Kingman: Forget it man he's rolling!Rusty jr: AND IT AIN'T OVER NOW !! BECAUSE WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH ... THE TOUGH GET GOING !!! WHO'S WITH ME ?!?   ( races out of the room like a loon and when no one follows , he comes back in)WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 2009 SEASON?!? WHERES THE SPIRIT?!? WHERE'S THE GUTS?!? HUH???!!!Mrose: Uh it left around late June when Beltran went down.Rusty Jr: WELL I'M NOT GONNA TAKE THIS !!! NOT ME !!! FRED & JEFF WILPON !- DEAD !!! OMAR MINAYA !!! - DEAD !!! JERRY MANUEL !!! -Kingman: DEAD !! - Rusty jr's right - drunk and psychotic - but absolutely right ! We could use our blog   to protest the payroll being slashed but that could take too much time & energy. NO !! I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebodies part.Rusty Jr: And we are just the guys to do it !!!TRS86: LETS DO IT !!!Rusty jr : LETS DO IT !!!! AHHhh ! GO GO GO !!( everyone storms out of the office)( It's one week later and the staff of The Real Dirty Mets Blog are locked in a jail cell)Case Street: I guess kidnapping Mr. Met obviously wasn't the right move.Rusty Jr: I knew we shoulda hired Mr. Bill to do the job ( everyone descends on Rusty Jr. punching and kicking him)( the editorial staff of this blog does not endorse   murder or kidnapping of   fictional characters all resemblences to people living or dead is purely coincidental or accidentally on purpose)