Sometimes you zig, sometimes you zag, and it seems that the Mets are still broke.  Puma in the Post is preparing us for getting priced out of all the respectable FAs (that might actually help the team).  Wonderful news, right?

Assuming this is true (and you won’t have to work very hard to convince me it is reality, not the FO being sneaky), then you are left with trades and promotions. Given how little they have to promote, and being this broke is pushing out the compete horizon (we up to 2016 at least?), IMO the smart play is to shop Niese and Gee hard and trade both of them if they can get some legit position players with real upside back (upper minors types).

yes, I know this leaves the rotation thin for 2014, but I don't see any likelihood that the team is going to be in the mix anyway, Just sign a couple of filler pieces to take starts. And at least 1 rehab flyer. Johnson, Dice K, etc.

No clue what you get for both of those guys, but players like Myers were traded for pitching last year. So if this is the shortcut to building a viable offense when you can’t compete for FAs and you have next to no prospects to play the field, go for it.

I would rather live with an emergency rebuild watching TDA, Joc Pederson (or some other guy like that), hopefully a SS back in one of these deals, all learning on the job, while Montero and Synderblock finish getting ready (or for deadlines to pass, whichever comes first!)  

And if you want the silver lining?  If you never sign a real player in free agency, you will never get stuck with another Jason Bay!

Just 1 fans opinion on how to play the market this off season.