Igarashi fires his patented daburu boyake sūpāpawāpitchiIn case any of you had doubts in the back of your minds about the official-ness of Igarashi's signing, the Mets chose 4:39pm Thursday to send out a press release to announce the signing of the former Yakult Swallows reliever.Here's a quote from the release:
  • "I have known the Mets scout in Japan, Isao O'Jimi, since I was in high school," Igarashi said through an interpreter. "When I received the Mets offer there was no doubt in my mind that this was the team I wanted to go to and start my career in the United States. I am looking forward to playing in New York and pitching in the same bullpen as Francisco Rodriguez."
In other international Met news, the Mets have signed two Dutch baseball players, Kevin Weijgertse and Björn Hato. If my google translation skills are up to snuff, Weijgertse is an 18 year old 3B.   Hato, also 18, is an infielder who batted .403 in the Haarlem rookie league.   Both have signed 7 year contracts with the organization.More information on the pair can be found at mister-baseball.com.