Should the NY Mets be concerned about Bobby Parnell?

While I am admittedly not a big fan of Martino, this story seemed to fit with my line of thought after yesterday's game.  Then I read the article and there was almost nothing worthwhile reading in the entire thing.  So I searched on.

 Bobby Parnell's failure headlines a bad day for Mets' bullpen

This one by Jim Baumbach isn't as much drama and tied with gloom and doom but it does get right back down to the heart of it.  Parnell is only effective in one range as a closer.   That has to be the 95-98 range.  He has shown to be less effective trying to pop 100 every-time and yesterday his first pitches were 89 mph to Desmond for a single, 91 to Laroche for a strike, 91 to Rendon for a strike, 92 to Espinosa for a foul, 94 to Span for a double and finally 92 to Zimmerman for a strike.  

Hitters were able to jump on Parnell early, foul off things near the plate and wait on their pitch.  Not good indeed. 

So while I am not a Chicken Little, what is the plan if Parnell needs time on the DL to build arm strength?  That plan was Black but his inefficiency lead to an early demotion.  Familia seems to have his own struggles throwing strikes and is certainly untested.  Valverde was the only pen pitcher to come in and do their job yesterday but wow, do we want to have to go down that road this early?


Rubin also said the following:

I guess we still can't have nice things.