terry-collins4I know they are all professionals.I know that certain players cannot be blamed for the last two days of play.I know that there is only so much you can get out of some players.But there is a difference between losing and losing.And for the past two days the Mets have dropped two the team whose owner has put them out to pasture.It's time for Terry to blow a fuse and flip a buffet table or two.  Send  a couple of players home wearing their uniform because they aren't allowed to change in a major league locker room.  In the movie Bull Durham, the manager throws bats into the shower to scare the players into playing up to their ability-not a bad idea.This morning I asked the question of how what word would be used to describe the play of yesterday's Mets...the word I choose is PATHETIC.And Terry should let them know for I am sure that it is the one word that is running through his mind at this very moment.And you mean to tell me that this very team is on the verge of being competitive next year?IN what universe is that that?At this point, the Mets need, and this is me talking without a stat sheet in front of me:  An entire Outfield, a Shortstop, a 4th and 5th starter, a Catcher, a set-up man or two and a bench.......let's not forget a first basemen.And that's me just writing out of frustration.  I'm quite sure all who are reading this could add a position or two to that list. Terry, flip that table over........I know you want to do it!