I got some bad news for all you Jerry Manuel Haters out there-he's not going anywhere for awhile.   And honestly, I think he's earned it....at least for now.   This morning your waking up to a .500 team that is smack in the middle of the NL East.   Let's all admit that the Mets are playing pretty well, the pitching looks solid(except for Maine) and the hitting is slowly coming around.   Jerry has dealt with a lot of doubters both  on the web sites and in the papers and thoughout it all, he has always kept his cool- from the beginning of  Spring Training until now.   And guess what?    It looks like his team  is coming through for him.    Now I'm not saying that Jerry Manuel is out of the woods quite yet.   I'm just stating that, so far, if your looking for an excuse to fire him-you can't.As a matter of fact, according to Francoeur, the players like playing for Manuel.   He defended him last week and that has to make Jerry feel good-especially since a player defending him wasn't even on the team last year at this time.   Now I think the fact that the players like playing for  Jerry  is very important. Don't you think?   Do you know how many times I heard Phillies like Rollins and  Victorino talk about how they love playing  for  Charlie Manuel?  If the players like the Manager, they'll trust him, play hard for him and that will equate to wins and we all know what wins do to a team.It builds Confidence.It gives the players Swagger.And it puts more fans in the seats.Jerry unveiled a new line-up this weekend and everyone has bought into it.   Instead of back page grumblings,  we  read headlines.  Headlines with Ike Davis swinging for the fences and a smiling Reyes standing on Third  Base.      The Mets are looking for the sweep tonight- A SWEEP OF THE BRAVES.   When is the last time you heard that?   Exciting right?   Will you watch?  I will.It's time to take the Target off of Manuel and put it on someone else.   Like the opposing team....or maybe Omar Minaya.