Chipper treated Shea Stadium like his own backyard......and Friday the Mets honored him for it.Hey, in a couple of years, Derek Jeter is going to retire, I'm sure the Mets want to give him something too.You know this all could have been avoided right?I blame Bobby Valentine, Al Leiter, Armando Benitez and I'll even go as far as putting John Franco and every pitcher that threw a ball for the Mets between 1997 to 2000.Why?Simple.  Chipper, despite every clutch base hit or home run he hit against the Mets, never had to hit the dirt, never got one in the ribs, or dodged a high fastball.  A little chin music could've save the Mets a lot of heart ache.Instead, all they did was watch him dig in at the plate and sit on a fastball.And when it all ended he got a name for his son and picture for his wall.If someone, anyone put the fear of fastball to him, he would have been a little more hesitant, maybe just a little scared when he played the Mets.....but it never happened.  Now I'm not advocating hurting the guy....but I think you know what I mean.Because all he really got was a crowd that yelled his real name.And he giggled at it.Hey, I heard that John Rocker is going to be in New York in a couple of months for a Nice Guy Convention.  Perhaps the Mets should honor him a commemorative picture of him striking out Mike Piazza and screaming at Met fans.