Jason Bay in his 1st year as the Mets starting Left fielder has yet to hit the way many hoped he would and while it is widely known that Bay has been prone to his Hot/Cold streaks even Bay himself says this has been more Cold than Hot."And it’s kind of been I’ve had stretches, weeks, months before, but usually you have some better ones and then kind of everything equals out, and I haven’t really had any good ones. I’ve had some decent games, but I really haven’t gotten on a roll. I’ve said it since I got here, you try to be consistent. Consistency speaks volumes, and I’ve been anything but consistent."In defense of Bay he has given the Mets solid play in LF and reports about his knees being suspect have proven so far to be false. His Batting average is a respectable .286. The biggest problem with Bay is his HR & RBI numbers so far this season. Coming into this season these are the HR/RBI totals that Bay has put up through his 1st 58 games for the last 5 seasons.
  • 11/HR - 27/RBI - 2005
  • 17/HR - 47/RBI - 2006
  • 10/HR - 43/RBI - 2007
  • 13/HR - 29/RBI - 2008
  • 16/HR - 56/RBI - 2009
That averages out to 13.4/HR - 40.4/RBI through 1st 58 games. This 2010 season Bay stands at 3/HR - 24/RBI. That is the worst he has done through his 1st 58 games since he has opened a season on a Major League roster especially his HR's. Jason Bay believes it's all about his timing. "I’m missing and fouling off a lot of fastballs, which is my bread and butter," Bay said. "And then not hitting, that puts me in an even deeper hole. So we’re trying to address the reason why that is. I’m not getting my foot down in time and I’m kind of hovering and then all of a sudden I’m late." In past seasons Bay has rebounded to finish posting good numbers the worst being in 2007 where he finished with 21 HR's and 84/RBI's. Right now you have to be somewhat concerned if he can even reach his 2007 totals. I'd say check back on July 31 to see where he is at. We should know by then if this is nothing more than a cold streak or not. Below are Bay's stats for the last 5 seasons through his 1st 58 games and what he finished the season with.2005 SeasonTmGGSPAABRH2B3BHRRBIBBIBBSOSBCSBAOBPSLGOPS
Through 1st 58 GamesPIT5858253219376215311273125740.283.372.5300.901
Season TotalsPIT16216270759911018344632101959142211.306.402.5590.961
Through 1st 58 GamesPIT585825620741637217474224851.304.426.6041.030
Season TotalsPIT159157689570101163293351091029156112.286.396.5320.928
Through 1st 58 GamesPIT5858254220366715210432735011.305.382.5270.909
Season TotalsPIT14514361453878133252218459314141.247.327.4180.746
Through 1st 58 GamesPIT5857253210446110113294124250.290.407.5330.940
Season TotalsP/B15515367057711116535431101814137100.286.373.5220.895
Through 1st 58 GamesBOS5858254209425815216564125351.278.402.5981.000
Season TotalsBOS15115163853110314229336119944162133.267.384.5370.921
Through 1st 58 GamesNYM585625021734621443242725880.286.372.4290.801
Season TotalsNYM????????????????????????????????????????????????