Rob Bradford of, the website of Boston's dominant sports-talk radio station, has a fascinating story up about Jason Bay's path to the New York Mets.   It's well worth your time to click through and read the whole thing.   Here is a teaser:
  • "I was truly happy to put everything behind me and become a member of the New York Mets," Bay said from his Seattle-area home.The months leading up to that point were a different story entirely.As was first reported by Peter Gammons Monday on NESN, Bay did agree to a four-year, $60 million deal with the Red Sox back in July, an offer that was pulled off the table by the club due to the team’s medical concerns. "That," the outfielder said, "is just one-tenth of the story."
I don't want to just blatantly rip off Bradford's fine reporting so please do visit and check out the whole article, very interesting stuff including the Red Sox insisting that Bay have knee surgery as a prerequisite to signing a new, shorter contract, and interesting parallels between Bay and Carlos Beltran's situation such as the Red Sox demanding a third medical opinion after Bay's doctor's second opinion disagreed with the Red Sox doctor's initial opinion.   Ultimately:
  • Bay found himself in New York undergoing a physical performed by Mets’ team doctor Robert Altchek. The physician came to the same conclusion as the two previous doctors who examined Bay’s July MRI – that there were no medical concerns   – leading to the Citi Field press conference a day later.   "Much like the path of my career, this experience has not been a straight line but it all ended up working out for the best," Bay said. "I have no regrets."