According to Mike Puma of the NY Post:Bay could lose Mets left-field jobSo this is what many of us wanted to hear.  That at the very least the abysmal Bay will be platooned in LF if he continues to struggle.However, as normal this could be fodder as the actual quote in the story reads:"Though the idea has not yet reached the discussion stage among team executives, a club official yesterday floated the possibility that if Bay is struggling six or seven weeks into the season, the Mets could explore other options, including a platoon in left."In fact two other Mets officials had this to say:"it’s still too early to seriously worry about Bay."Perhaps both are right.  With the Mets LH options limited due to injury and development, for now it appears Jason Bay's job is safe in LF and will not be entering a platoon.  However, if come June Jason is still hitting Mendoza like vs RH pitching and Captain Kirk is pressing for the stage his days could be numbered.  There's still a lot of time though and a lot of dominoes to fall.  How will Torres' bat play in CF?  How competent will Duda be in RF?  There's a reason that the Mets are predicted last and honestly Jason Bay in LF is one of the lesser of those reasons.