Hat tip to MetsPolice for providing the link to this story. Apparently in an article written by Gersh Kuntzman of the Brooklyn Paper Jeff Wilpon was at the Cyclones game Thursday night to discuss stadium renovations with Wally Backman. Kuntzman asked Backman directly if he talked about the managerial job and Backman's reply left Kuntzman feeling as if the answer was rehearsed. Here is Backman's reply when asked if they discussed the managerial job.“No. No. He came in for some, uh (pause), um, they had to look at some structural stuff, I guess, for the stadium,”Personally considering that Backman has already said publicly he feels he could do some things better with the Mets had he been manager I find it hard to believe that Backman would pass up an opportunity to bring the manager's job up. Then again maybe they really did discuss stadium renovations.