gangstajerryOver the past few days Manuel has been pleading with Omar to make a deal for a power hitter.   Obviously he can't just come out and say it in the media but lets look at some quotes."What we have to do is identify what we are and where we are. And whatever we have, we have to make it work," Manuel said. "What we have, what we believe we have is good starting pitching. We have to make that work. If the power comes, that's going to be great for us. But if not, I still believe we'll struggle in ." "I have to deal with what I have," Manuel said. "And what we have is what we have, and we have to deal with that. A trade or whatever? That's Omar's area. If he sees fit, cool. If not, then we have to do what we have to do."When asked the effect of other teams having a power hitter: "For us, its dangerous. It's very dangerous," Manuel said. "We know if there are men out there , depending on how early or late, its a tough thing for us to overcome. That puts pressure on my pitchers to have to make quality pitches.""We had to win a game because of who we're playing," Manuel said. "We get back home, we've played pretty good at home. We've got the big ballpark, which we like. We'll see what happens. It should be good."Besides coming out and threatening to cut up Omar with his blade, how much more clear can Manuel be?   Jerry knows that even more so than Omar, him being employed next year depends on this team making the playoffs.   Countless injuries or not, Jerry gets 1 shot and he wants to go down holding a big gun.