Adam Rubin of ESPN New York 1st reported that Jesus Feliciano's agent Melvin Román told the Puerto Rico-based newspaper El Nuevo Dia that he expects the career minor leaguer to be promoted to the Mets as soon as this weekend. Rubén A. Rodríguez who wrote the article quotes Roman to say,"Hemos hablado sobre su progreso y Minaya me ha dejado saber que será en esta semana cuando le den la oportunidad. Él piensa que ya es hora"English Translation: "We talked about his progress and Minaya has let me know that it will be this week when they will give him the chance. He thinks it's about time""En los pasados años no fueron justos con él y creo que se han dado cuenta"English Translation: "In past years they were not fair with him and I think they realize it,"That last quote makes you wonder if what Nelson Figueroa said a few weeks ago condeming the Mets organization's practices of not rewarding good players in the farm system and then mentioning for example players like Feliciano played any part in Minaya's decision to bring Feliciano up? Most likely not but the important thing is regardless of what led to the decision it will be nice to see Feliciano get a chance at the Bigs.