Good news out of   the Mets Mini-Camp yesterday- Johan Santana threw some pitches and felt good.   He reported no pain in his  elbow and that's good news for all  Met  fans.    Let's get even more excited  because good old Ollie Perez is down there throwing as well.   Maybe Johan is giving him tips.   Boy things are looking up!Until you look over at who's playing First Base.Santana, could we ask for anything more?   He gets hurt and pitches through it.   He gets elbow surgery and not only promises to be ready by Spring Training but also adds that it will not affect him in the 2010 season.   He is everything and more.   Trading for Santana was a great move and yet parried with that  is  this horrible situation at First Base. Here's a good question:Why can't the Mets stop fooling around with the notion that Delgado can play first?  He can't and you know what, the Mets might think he can and in the long run, if he  is playing First, it will cost the Mets and Johan W's.And that's not good management.The Mets must leave Delgado where he is. And while there at it, Murphy and Tatis as well. At this point, I'll take a defense over offense. Johan pitches every fifth day and he deserves to have an infield behind him, he needs someone who can pick it at First.Why do we have to be cheap here? I'm not saying to trade the farm system for Gonzalez but at least pick up a real first basemen. Like Garko, Jacobs, Aurila or even Millar.   Yea, I know these guys have issues hitting but they could play the position- and that's what the Mets need at this point.  Not wishful thinking like Delgado's amazing recovery from Hip Surgery.Look, watching all these pitchers get signed in the last few days basically tells me that the Mets have no intentions of spending any real money on a free agent starter. Fine. I could deal with that. But you have to consider the liability of a bad first basemen.I like Murphy, I really do-but as a backup, not a starter and if I see Tatis playing first, well then I guess I'll begin getting in shape because I too, might have a shot at playing.The Mets are high on Ike Davis, maybe they have plans to bring in him up at the All-Star break, but until then, the Mets need to spend just a little more money and pick up a glove.C'on Omar, you can't miss this one.