Jose Reyes, upper right, and Mike FrancesaMets shortstop Jose Reyes is currently on the air with WFAN's Mike Francesa.   I am sure that WFAN will have a podcast up on their website of the interview later today, in the meantime this amateur 'live blog.'-Jose worked with the same doctor that was involved with Tiger Woods and was caught at the US/Canadian border with HGH.   Jose states that no HGH was used in his treatments which were ultimately unsuccessful and he later had surgery.-Willie Randolph was like a father to Jose.   He and Willie had a good relationship, when Willie removed him from a game Jose felt he deserved it and that it was the right thing for Willie to do.-Jose was not upset when the Cardinals did mock "Jose, Jose Jose Jose.." chants in their locker room after their 2006 NLCS victory over the Mets.   They won, they deserved to celebrate in their way.-Jose feels it is odd that the press and other teams single out him and the Mets for celebrating.   He says to look around, you will see every team doing special handshakes and celebrations.   He does his celebrations to fire up his own team, not to show up the other team.-Delgado was the 'in your face' leader who got in people's faces when they didn't hustle.-Jose feels that David Wright is evolving into that type of leader for the team.   He doesn't view himself as a leader, he doesn't want that type of pressure.-When healthy he feels the team will perform well in Citi Field, he believes the team has a lot of team speed to take advantage of the ballpark.-He would welcome Jason Bay to the team, they played together in the minors.-He believes David Wright's power numbers were down because there was no one around him in the lineup.-He thinks that Beltran, Wright and Santana are among the best players in the game.-He loves playing in New York, appreciates that the fans cheer you on when you're doing well and let you know when you're not.-He thinks it's wild that he is only 26 and yet is the longest tenured Met.-His worst day as a Met was the last game of 2007.-He doesn't pay attention to the media but friends and family do come to him and tell him things.   He was very angry to learn that people questioned his desire to play this year, and is anxious to get on the field in 2010 and show the fans and media he is back and ready to play.-The Dodgers' doctor was incorrect reporting that Jose had a calf injury.   His calf was never the problem, it was always his hamstring.   He feels the Mets medical people did everything they could to work with him through his injury.   The hamstring was very painful.-He is sorry if people misunderstand him but he is simply a happy guy.   He loves to play the game of baseball, and when playing it he is happy and that shows.   When they lose, he is angry, but that is more of a private thing for him.-He questions the idea that players that are 'athletically gifted' don't play hard.   He points out that his uniform is dirty every day.-He will be ready Opening Day.   He doesn't believe he has had his best year yet.   He says he will improve in 'every way.'-His favorite player is Hanley Ramirez, he loves to watch him play, they are friends.   Also likes Pedroia.   He is friends with Jimmy Rollins and wonders why Rollins and the Phillies bring up his name sometimes.   He also likes Derek Jeter.   He loves inter-league play against the Yankees.-He loves being a homegrown Met and isn't thinking about his contract.-He was very worried about his health and recovering from his hamstring injury until he had the surgery.   After the surgery his worry is gone and his confidence is back.   Once he gets to spring training and runs full speed in a game situation he will have put the injury completely behind him.-When he first came up from the minors the organization told him that he would be up for a week to help the team during an injury.   He is still here.-He loved to face John Leiber more than any other pitcher, ran to the batters box when he pitched.   He wishes Leiber still played.   Hates to face A.J. Burnett, but says that's going to change this year.-Loves to hit in Philadelphia, hates to hit in San Diego.-"People, don't worry, I'll be ready 100% in spring training."-He doesn't worry about the roster, believes Omar will take care of that.-Tells the fans to stay calm, they're going to be alright.   "We're gonna be fine, there's nothing to worry about."-Loves to play against the Phillies.   "They love to talk, we never say nothing 'bout them."   He says "I hit a homerun and I put my finger up, when Victorino hit a homerun in the playoffs he did the same thing.   When they won the World Series they don't talk about that, they talk about us."The end