Make no mistake, all the fuss and talk about Reyes pulling himself out of today's game is all well deserved.  However, this time it's not the Mets that will deal with the consequences if this batting title goes to Ryan Braun.It's all Reyes.And he created it, all of it.There was no way Terry Collins was going to refuse Jose's request to come out of the game.  Terry is building something a lot bigger than a batting title.  I give Terry a lot of credit for what he has done with this team and the relationships he's built with his players.So he gets a pass.This whole fiasco rests on the shoulders of Reyes; if he wins the title, he'll have to deal with the talk that he never played the last game.  He'll have to answer the questions about ducking out or being selfish or just plain frightened of going 1-3 in the last game of the year.I'm not saying the Batting Title will be tainted if he wins it, if Braun can't go 3-4 tonight, Reyes will win it fair and square.It just won't have that glamour, that drama, that suspense that everyone seemed to want and what getting a title, any title, should deserve.  Perhaps there might have been more excitement if the Mets were playing the same time as the Brewers.It's over anyway, what's done is done.I am pulling for Reyes tonight, I want him to win, I want the Mets to have their first player to win the Batting Title.If he doesn't, it's something that Reyes will have to deal with for the rest of his career.  After all, he created it.