One of my heart throbs from last year may have become available again.According to Heyman: The Angels are thought to be dangling left fielder Juan Rivera as they pursue Bay (but not Matt Holliday, interestingly enough)Rivera is 30 years old and coming off a season that he hit: .287 .332, .478, .810 with 25 HR and 253 total bases.   Rivera finished last season with a UZR of +15 and is +8.2 for his career in LF with over 2600 innings.   He signed a contract with the Angels last off-season that looks as follows:3.25M 20o9, 4.25M 2010 5.25M 2011.   His value last season according to Fangraphs was 15.1M.I have no idea if they are really shopping him, however if he can be had for a reasonable price I would be happy with him in LF for the Mets next season.