Just when you thought the Mets were going to swept away in their own house in front of what seemed like 30,000 Yankee fans, they do it again.It's incredible, I actually enjoyed about 10 minutes of baseball this whole weekend and yet I loved every second of it.  The one thing I'll say about the Mets, they really put your loyalty to the test-like every game.  But this is what we signed up for, this is why were Mets fans.It's bizarre how the two fan bases watch the Subway Series.  While the Yankee fans sit back and wait for it to happen, Met fans are caught biting their fingernails down to the bone.  Y'know, when the Mets play in Yankee Stadium, I expect all the breaks to go their way,  the check swings, missed calls and weird bounces.  I never thought I see so many of the breaks go their way at Citi-but the Baseball Gods have their own plan and I guess that's what they saved the ninth inning for.My question to you is:  Were you screaming when Pena booted those two balls hit to him?   I  was...loudly.So while the Yankees take it in stride, get all dressed up and go back to American League.  The Mets, who have more players putting ice on their muscles, head to LA with more questions about their shortstop and star knuckleballer.I have no more nails to bite.______________________________________________________________________________________ As a side note to the weekends events:Do you think the injury to Jose Reyes might make GM's around the league take notice and possibly not offer that Carl Crawford money Reyes wants so badly?Speaking of contracts, how would the Mets look if Reyes signed a monster contract two weeks ago when Alderson approached his agent?I'm glad Derek Jeter didn't play this weekend, let him get his 3,000 hits in Yankee Stadium-he deserves it.I still believe that the Inter league Schedule is unbalanced and since Alderson did work with MLB, he should say something.  I don't think that will happen simply because I know that Fred Wilpon must of loved the three sell-out crowds this weekend.I heard a lot of Yankee fans in the stands yesterday-cheering for the bombers when they hit and made plays.  No wonder why Citi Field got quiet in the 9th, it was the Yankee fan who finally had to sweat it out.