"Rodriguez told Collins during their discussion that he wanted to get rid of the option, so any decisions on how the Mets used him would be related strictly to baseball.Collins told Rodriguez that contract negotiations were not his department; the matter was referred to General Manager Sandy Alderson.A deal between the Mets and Rodriguez could not be worked out, but Alderson was able to convey to other teams that Rodriguez would be willing to forgo the option, making it much easier for the Mets to trade him." - NY Times
According to this report in the New York Times, the Mets had a chance to keep Francisco Rodriguez and waive his $17.5MM vesting option for 2012, but the deal didn't work out.  Shortly after being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, Rodriguez worked out a deal with his new team to waive his option.While this trade seemed like a stroke of genius at the time, it must be questioned in light of this information, and the fact that Jason Isringhausen is starting to feel his age, or is being haunted by the ghost of Dallas Green.How serious was Sandy Alderson about negotiating with Rodriguez?  Could the Mets have kept him to close ballgames this year without the specter of the games-finished clause looming over their heads?  With three consecutive games lost in the final two innings, one must wonder, would K-Rod have made a difference?  Based on past performance, yes.  Even when he blew a save, he came back the next day and redeemed himself.With the Braves losing two in a row, the Mets would have had a chance to pull to within Wild Card contention.  With these factors in mind, the K-Rod trade isn't looking quite as good anymore.