As most of you guys know, I like Lackey a lot but I am scared off by the talk of 5 years 90Million+.   I think especially the 5 years part is what bothers me the most.   However, Lackey is a great pitcher and would compliment Santana nicely.   After reading a few articles on MLBTR and other sources I got to thinking about Harden and Wolf.   Both had very good seasons last year, however both are considered injury risk and based on reports will still only get 1-2 year deals or even a 1 year deal with an option.   Price wise it is assumed that both can be had for under 10 million per season.   Lets assume that means 9 million each, also lets assume that Lackey can get his 18 million a season.   Would the Mets be better off with 1-2 years of Harden and Wolf for 18 million per season or 5 years of Lackey for 18 million a season?   I am trying not to spin this at all so excuse me if it looks like I am leaning one way or another.   I honestly don't know what direction I would go in.   The perhaps certainty of Lackey or the potential filled  and short contracts of the injury concerned Harden and Wolf.  Johan, Lackey, Pelfrey, Perez, Maine/Niese and cast of manyorJohan, Harden, Wolf, Pelfrey, Perez/Niese cast of many with Maine to the pen